Admissions Straight Talk: Interview with Dr. Suzanne Miller

Dr. Suzanne MillerWelcome to the third episode of Accepted Admissions Straight Talk, a biweekly podcast about what’s new, thought-provoking, and useful in the world of graduate admissions!

For advice, insight, and info, check out the full audio of our great conversation with Dr. Suzanne Miller:

00:24:00  –  Meet Dr. Suzanne Miller:  Author, CEO, Physician, Consultant- and she sleeps 8 hrs a night!

01:38:00  –  How MD Admit was born with $25 and a website.

03:23:00  –  What’s new and improved in the second addition of Medical School Admissions Guide.

08:49:00  –  Advice for students who won’t have MCAT scores till July.

11:47:50  –  The #1 reason qualified applicants are rejected.

14:35:00  –  How to Get into Med School with a Low GPA: how admissions committees look at you.

16:31:00  –  What makes a great story? Transportation problems in Arkansas.

19:45:00  –  Suzanne’s advice to students applying this summer.

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