AMCAS Resources for 2013 Med Applicants

2013 Med School Applicants, Start Your Engines

Start your engines, 2013 med school applicants!

Applying to med school and don’t know where to begin? While the application will only open on May 1, in the meantime you can check out AMCAS’s resources for 2013 applicants.

AMCAS has provided you with plenty of reference documents, such as a Quick Start Guide, which addresses everything you need to know to start your application. The Checklist ensures that you don’t miss anything in the process, and the Glossary will hopefully assist you with any confusion.

Plus, make sure to check out the Tips for some useful advice, and review the Course Classification Guide and Grade Conversion Guide before filling out your application. If that’s not enough, there are also video tutorials, covering everything from How to Enter AP Coursework to How to Match a Letter to Your Application. So take advantage now, and you’ll be all ready to begin once May 1 rolls around. ~ Helping You Write Your Best