INSEAD MBA Admissions Interview Available Online

INSEADIf you attended our recent INSEAD Q&A then you know that Kara Keenan, the Assistant Director of Marketing for the Americas from INSEAD, covered a wide range of admissions topics, offering some excellent advice to our INSEAD applicants. Here’s an excerpt from the conversation in which Kara discusses the benefits of an INSEAD MBA – if you are thinking about applying to INSEAD, then read on!

Linda Abraham: Dine asks, “Why should students choose an INSEAD MBA over other prestigious MBA programs in the States?”

Kara Keenan: Again, one of the advantages is the one-year/ten-month nature of the program; a great return on your investment. We cover 80% of the course hours of the two-year program in ten months, so you definitely get the vast majority of the material. It’s certainly an intensive program, so in that regard it might not be for everyone. Especially in the beginning of the program – in your core courses – there’s class Monday through Friday. You’ll spend a lot of time in class compared to a U.S. school where there’s no class on Fridays and things are taught at perhaps a slower pace.

I think another advantage for INSEAD is that our students have more experience. The average years of experience for INSEAD students is five years, whereas at some of the other U.S. schools it’s more like two years. So, if you’re more experienced and you would like to be with your peers, I think you’ll definitely get that at INSEAD and you’ll learn a lot from them, as well. Even if you’re coming with two or three years of experience, you might be in a study group with someone with seven or eight years of experience. You can really share and learn from one another; I think, perhaps at a more significant level than at a program where most people have one to two years of experience. I think that’s something nice.

Also, if you’re looking for an international career and international experience, I think there’s really no comparison to an international MBA program versus a domestic one.

For the entire Q&A, please view the INSEAD transcript or listen to the audio file on our website. You can also read up on INSEAD-related news and advice by visiting the INSEAD B-School Zone and our blog post, INSEAD 2012 MBA Application Questions, Deadlines, Tips.

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