Thanks for Helping Us Raise Money for Kids Kicking Cancer!

Thank you to everyone who “Liked” on Facebook and who spread the word about our campaign to raise money for Kids Kicking Cancer, a special organization that empowers kids to fight cancer through the healing power of the martial arts.

In particular, we’d like to extend our gratitude to the following who helped promote the campaign. Thank you so much MBAPodcaster, CollegeBudget, Magoosh, Betsy Masser of Master Admissions, Scott Shrum of Veritas Prep, The Law Street Journal, Change Republic – A Better World Together, and everyone on Facebook and Twitter who shared the campaign with their friends and followers.

If we forgot to include anyone, we apologize for the oversight, and really appreciate your efforts in spreading the word too!

Here’s to a happy holiday season and a speedy recovery to everyone at Kids Kicking Cancer. ~ Helping You Write Your Best

  • Ritzie

    I stumbled upon the page. =) It’s a good cause.