Consortium MBA Admissions Director Interview Available Online

Consortium students at CMU Tepper

Thank you for attending our recent Consortium Strategy Q&As with Travis McAllister and the reps from participating Consortium schools UT McCombs, University of Wisconsin, UC Berkeley Haas, Yale SOM, Michigan Ross, CMU Tepper, Indiana Kelley, and Rochester Simon. The school adcom representatives each talked about what’s new at their schools and how their programs view Consortium applicants.

Here’s an excerpt that covers some info on Consortium member perks:

Linda Abraham: Maria asks is, “What is the most valuable aspect of being a member of the Consortium?”

Robyn Winstanley: One of the most beneficial aspects is that it does allow you the opportunity to create a whole additional funnel of corporate sponsors and relationships that you can develop for your future career goals. So within each business school that you ultimately choose to attend, of course you can work through the Career Management Center and then networking opportunities available through the alums of that particular business schools, but being part of the Consortium will also provide you an additional set of organizations that can be very useful to you, depending on what your future career goals are….

Obviously another large benefit is financially. We certainly encourage all students who believe that they can fulfill the values and mission of the Consortium absolutely to apply, as we’ve already mentioned the ability to receive a full-tuition fellowship….So a combination of both networking opportunities and the financial advantages are the two key things that I personally would highlight.

Jim Holmen: [R]emember that the Consortium has been around nearly 45 years. So when you join any Consortium member school, you become a member of their family of alums, but you are also part of the family of the Consortium alumni from all the member schools, and that significantly increases the pool of candidates that will be a part of your network of friends and colleagues.

Linwood Harris: I wanted to add the fabulous experience that students will actually gain by attending the Orientation program….You will get an opportunity to set your future career path on fire. And it’s a great way to connect with 300-400 students who are actually in the same shoes as you are, coming into this incoming class….Many of the students who actually come to campus in the fall, by attending that orientation program, they’ve already received some interviews and some great offers for internship before they even step foot into any class because of their relationship of being involved in the Consortium.

For the entire conversation, please view the transcript or listen to the audio file on our website. (This excerpt is from the second Consortium Q&A event we held. Here’s the link to the first.) You can also read up on Consortium-related news and advice by visiting the Consortium Zone.

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