The Consortium Admissions Director Interview Available Online

We had an excellent Q&A last week with Consortium‘s Kellie Sauls, Libby Livingston, and Shandra Jones. The excerpt below provides advice on what Consortium applicants can do to make their applications stand out:

Linda Abraham: Angela asks, “What helps make the application stand out and get the attention of those making the selection?

Kellie Sauls:  I think what helps an application to stand out is, first and foremost, just making sure that you complete the application to the full degree. It can be a little bit unsettling to review an application and see a lot of blank spaces, and we can get really creative when it comes time to filling in that space….

Then, you dive a little deeper… All the components of the application need to be significantly strong. It’s a competitive process, so if you have some things that you’ve done in your background that really stand out and that are unique, if you bring those things out, it’s a really great way to make your application stand out. It pretty much starts with the basics: just making sure that you get the application completed, and then just making sure that each area is as strong as it possibly can be.

I think a really great area that a lot of applicants tend to overlook…is the letters of recommendation. … it’s a great way for someone who’s not intimately involved in the application process to substantiate all of the wonderful things that you’ve said … but also call out specific examples in regard to your strengths professionally…

Libby Livingston:  I think that what Kellie has said is great … I think you should try to visit the schools that you’re planning to apply to show your interest and that you know a lot about the program. Through the individual school essays, oftentimes you can share information about the program and why you feel it’s a good fit…. I think it’s important to definitely take the time to learn about the program and visit if you can. If you can’t visit, there are lots of webinars and webcasts that you can participate in to get to know the school.

For the entire conversation, please view the transcript or listen to the complete audio file on our website.

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