College Admissions News Roundup


  • As part of their series on young people and financial literacy, NPR interviewed a number of college students struggling with student loans. The station discovered that 70% of college counselors in 2011 reported “higher student stress levels and more severe cases than they used to.” Unfortunately, the situation is only getting worse.
  • The Christian Science Monitor has carefully chosen the top commencement speeches from college graduations in Spring 2011. For some words of inspiration it is worth reading about or listening to some of the uplifting speeches, including Denzel Washington’s speech at the University of Pennsylvania and Michelle Obama’s at Spelman College.
  • Inside Higher Ed has gathered together some words-of-wisdom for graduate students about to embark on their degree. While hearing that “nobody cares about you” is not the most heart-warming thought, the reality check is much needed, as is the other advice proffered in this article. ~ Helping You Write Your Best