MBA Career Goals and the Bschools that Support Them


In my recent post “2012 Applicants: Time to Poke The Box” I wrote that I had an idea, and inspired by Godin’s book on the value of initiative, I decided to just act on it.  I proposed to several top MBA programs that I ask them about strengths in their programs in terms of MBA career goals. I wrote then “hopefully you will see the fruits of my start in a few weeks right here.”

And you will. Starting this week, we will begin a series of posts highlighting the strengths of particular schools in specific areas including finance, consulting, marketing, entrepreneurship, general management, and more. The posts will be organized by school and career goal and tagged accordingly so that applicants will easily be able to search out or subscribe to exactly what they are looking for.

For each school and career goals we ask five questions. While there is some variation depending on the goal, the five basic questions are:

1.       What kind of background and skills do you like to see in applicants expressing interest in career X?

2.       What aspects of your curriculum do you feel are best suited to students who want to eventually pursue a career in X?

3.       Which school clubs and extra-curricular events are most relevant to people interested in management consulting?

4.       Since “X” is a very broad term, can you break down some of the some of the sub-categories in the field that your school excels in?

5.       Which X firms recruit at your school? How many graduates of your 2010 class received offers from each of these firms?


I am also pleased that Haas, a school that takes enormous pride in its innovative culture, stepped up to the plate and was willing to be the first school to participate in this series. Other schools are also working on their responses.

As anyone who reads anything I write on MBA admissions knows, I believe that your post-MBA career goal should guide your MBA admissions strategy. It is the cornerstone of a successful application. I hope this series will help you all develop a strong foundation as you launch your MBA applications.

By Linda Abraham, Accepted’s founder and president.