MBA Reapplication: Is it for You?


Most likely, if you’ve been dinged from all your top choice business programs, you’ve already considered reapplying next year.

Step #1: Analyze why you were rejected first time around and determine what you will do to change the outcome. Can you change your profile? Improve your presentation? Expand the number of schools you are applying to or change your target programs? These are the central questions you will need to answer.

Even if MBA reapplication seems like the obvious choice, it’ll do you (and your future application) good to take some time to think about your options.

Here are a few more important topics to think about: Should you apply next year, or should you maybe take another year before applying a second time? If this was already your second attempt at b-school admission, should you even attempt a third time? Should you consider part-time or executive MBA programs?

These are important questions that you’ll need to answer. It could be that HBS truly is the best MBA program for you, but that you need another year (or two) of work experience plus a much higher GMAT score before you reapply. Or maybe next year is the right time for you to reapply, but HBS is an unrealistic match, in which case you’ll need to adjust your list of schools to better fit your profile. Or maybe you need to take a look at your goals to see if an MBA is really the best route for you to take at all—maybe a one-year master in finance program is better suited to achieving your number ninja goals.

Please visit Accepted’s new MBA Reapplication 101 to view resources that will help you determine if reapplication is right for you, and show you how to reapply successfully to the top business school of your choice. ~ Helping You Write Your Best

  • Oli Hille

    Okay this is good advice. Self analysis is the key.

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