Chats: Yale, Wharton, INSEAD

We are excited to host Yale School of Management and its representatives this Thursday September 25 at 10:00 AM PT/1:00 PM ET/5:00 PM GMT. Our guests will be:

  • Bruce Delmonico, Director of Admissions
  • Shelley Clifford, Deputy Director of Admissions
  • Keith Morriss,  Yale SOM Class of 2009

Please join us to learn more about Yale’s innovative curriculum, tight-knit community, and international study opportunities. Located close to the epicenter of today’s financial turmoil, Yale has a front seat. You can also use this opportunity to ask questions about the impact of the crisis on past, current, and future MBA students.

The chat will take place in Accepted’s chat room.

I am also please to announce that we have posted a couple of transcripts from recent chats: 

Highlights from the INSEAD chat:

Gayatri (Sep 11, 2008 12:16:10 PM)

Cassandra: How big of a factor is age; I will be 34 at Jan 2010. Will INSEAD very strict for older applicants? 

CassandraPittmanINSEAD (Sep 11, 2008 12:19:48 PM) 

Gayatri – we don’t consider age in the Admissions process. Instead, we look at the quality and quantity of your work experience. So, age is not a factor at all. 

Linda Abraham  (Sep 11, 2008 12:22:35 PM) 

Cassandra, INSEAD used to have a maximum age of 35, has it done away with that limitation?

CassandraPittmanINSEAD  (Sep 11, 2008 12:24:43 PM) 

Linda: To be honest, I wasn’t aware that INSEAD ever had an age limit. I’ve been with INSEAD for 3 years and we haven’t had it in that time. However, we do encourage candidates who have 10+ years of work experience to consider whether they might get more value from our Executive MBA, in which they would learn with a peer group with similar levels of experience. 

Highlights from the Wharton Chat:

Wharton2011  (Sep 15, 2008 12:01:36 PM)

Jackie: Can you update us on the search for your director of admissions? How does a change at the top affect this year’s applicants compared to last years? Any change in the type of students you are looking for?

JackieZavitzWHARTON  (Sep 15, 2008 12:03:13 PM) 

Wharton2011: We are in the process of interviewing candidates right now. There is no impact on candidates, really– our office still serves our faculty, and the School strives to admit the best, most qualified and diverse group of students possible. We have a wonderful admissions committee, student volunteer base and alumni network to rely on, as well! 

i4 (Sep 15, 2008 12:11:30 PM) 

Tiffany: What do you really look for in reapplicants?  

TiffanyGoodenWHARTON  (Sep 15, 2008 12:14:37 PM) 

I4 – We would hope that you have done some reflection on the strengths and weaknesses of your previous application. While your core values may not have changed, the application should be stronger than the one you previously submitted in the other areas that we evaluate (i.e. presentation, cohesion, etc.). Having previous experience with the application process should be a help for you in managing the process this year.

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