Med School Mentionables

The medical school admissions season of 2008 is rapidly approaching. AAMC is supposed to begin accepting AMCAS applications on or about June 1, which has been the big day for the last several years. The 2008-09 Medical School Admissions Requirements is available now from AAMC. MSAR 08-09 will probably be available for less at Amazon in a few days.

I came across a succinct guide to  the medical school admissions process posted by the University of Maryland Health Professionals Advising Office. Especially if you are out of school, this guide can help you. Very practical. Lots of nuts and bolts.

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MBA Admissions: Beautiful B-School Contest Ends Today

The Beautiful B-School Photo Contest ends today April 30. If you have pictures of business school that you visited or of landmarks near the schools, please submit your photos. You could win up to a $200 Amazon gift certificate.

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MIT Admissions Dean Marilee Jones Resigns

The New York Times reports that Marilee Jones, MIT’s undergraduate dean of admissions, has resigned after admitting that she had “misrepresented her academic degrees to the Institute.” Twenty-eight years ago, when she applied for her first position at MIT, she claimed that she had received degrees from Albany Medical College, Union College, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; she had not. She also never corrected the misinformation.

It is ironic that Ms. Jones resigned because she inflated her qualifications. She has been a voice of reason in the college admissions process, arguing that the increasingly intense and all-encompassing competition for coveted admissions spots at top universities is not healthy for teens.

While Ms. Jones in the past has been an advocate for sanity in admissions, unfortunately now, she provides an example of what can happen when one lies in an application, be if for employment or admission. Those untruths can come back to haunt you. They can come back to bite you.  In a very big way.

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MBA Admissions: Event Reminders, IMD Chat

We have some excellent events in the next couple of weeks:

  • The MBA Admissions Telethon is tomorrow. If you registered, please remember to send in your questionnaire and resume. Your submission will allow us to obtain information quickly and give you as much as we can during your free consultation. If you haven’t signed up, what are you waiting for? You can have a free 15-minute consultation with an MBA admissions professional during the 2008 MBA Admissions Telethon
  • The Beautiful B-School Photo Contest ends Monday April 30. There are currently ten people eligible for 3 Amazon gift certificates of up to $200. If you have pictures of the business schools listed on our B-School Zone page, or can take pictures of those campuses and submit by Monday, you can enter your photos in the contest and be eligible for a prize. Please see the contest rules for details.
  • IMD Chat. On Thursday, May 10, 2007 at 10:00 AM PT/1:00 PM ET/7:00 PM Swiss time. Janet Shaner, director of MBA marketing, and a current IMD MBA student will participate in an admissions chat at Mark your calendar.
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MBA Admissions: Tips from Accepted applicants

I have been planning for the last few days to highlight several excellent posts that can benefit 2008 applicants who will soon be slaving away on their MBA application essays. While I did not plan to post this particular piece on the day that Clear Admit releases its Best of Blogging awards, that’s exactly what has happened. It is not coincidental that all the authors, recently accepted 2007 applicants, are also deserving winners of the 2006-07 Best of Blogging awards. They have done a super job. Kudos to all the winners.

The following posts provide down-in-the-trenches advice for those of you who will soon be in the authors’ shoes.

While I strongly recommend these posts for their insight into the application process and essay writing specifically, I want to issue a caution about one aspect of Iday’s advice. It’s an ironic warning for an editor to give. Iday urges applicants to have many reviewers comment on the essays. In my over ten years of reading applicant essays, I have seen the benefit and the harm done by multiple critiques. Hence the caution.

Yes, it is vital that you show your essays to others. I recommend that you show them to 1-2 people who know you well and can tell you whether they reflect You, and 1-2 people who can comment on the writing quality and help you with editing. I don’t recommend you seek feedback from a small army of people, because I have seen how too many critics can suck the life, unity, and personality out of essays. Furthermore, when you receive feedback, don’t accept it blindly; consider it thoughtfully and decide whether you want to incorporate the comment.

Other than that caution, 2008 applicants, take the advice in these posts to heart.  

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MBA Admissions: B-School Bulletins: MIT Sloan and Chicago

MBA admissions news of note:

  • The MIT Waitlist Chat Transcript is now online. Jen Burke, MIT’s waitlist manager, responded to a barrage of questions during the hour-plus chat. 
  • Chicago’s ChiBus has another admit weekend issue with tons of information for new students … and applicants wanting to get a better sense of the school before applying next year.
  • The Boston Globe discusses MIT Sloan’s search for a new dean to replace Dean Richard Schmalensee, who is leaving the dean’s office in June after nine years as dean.
  • Accepted’s 2008 MBA Admissions Telethon is this Thursday. Don’t miss this opportunity to escape the sightless-leading-the-blind syndrome that frequently prevails among MBA applicants at this stage of the admissions process.  Benefit from a conversation with a seasoned MBA admissions professional.

MBA Admissions: Sloan Sells

The sales people are coming! The sales people are coming! To MIT Sloan that is. 

MIT Sloan announced today that it is hosting its first ever MIT Sloan Sales Conference with guest speakers Tim Armstrong, president of Advertising and Commerce at Google; Jim Tobin, president and CEO of Boston Scientific; and best-selling author Richard Whiteley, who wrote Customer Centered Growth: Five Proven Strategies For Building Competitive Advantage, among other best sellers.

According to the announcement:

“The force behind the conference is the MIT Sloan Sales Club, which, since its launch in 2006, has quickly become one of the largest clubs at the school. Members cite their interest in entrepreneurship, pitching business plans to investors, raising seed money, launching start-up businesses, and conducting fund raising campaigns as reasons for pursuing sales training.”

MIT is famous for its quant strengths and technical prowess. Its Sales Club and Sales Conference are admirable efforts by Sloanees to round out their impressive skills and complement their formal MBA education. The club and conference also reflect the entrepreneurial interests and strengths at MIT Sloan.

HBS Tips for 2008 MBA Applications

The Harvard Business School admissions office publishes a regular newsletter for applicants (HBS2U), which I recommend highly if you are interested in HBS. The April 19 issue contains tips relevant for 2008 MBA applicants at all schools, with a few specific pointers for HBS. Direct from HBS…

How to Prepare for the Business School Application Process

We recognize that many of you are considering applying to business school in the coming year, for the class entering in Fall 2008. Below are a few tips to keep in mind as you consider what business schools you might apply to:

  • Do your research (visit campus, explore Web sites, read articles, speak with alumni, meet with current students).
  • Determine for yourself what you want to get out of an MBA and prioritize program specifics (i.e., geographic location, class size, program length, learning model, faculty involvement), then pick schools that fit with your criteria.
  • Give yourself sufficient time to submit a thorough and thoughtful application, completing all sections: transcripts, recommendations, GMAT, work experience, community experience, and leadership experience.
  • Attend an admission event! HBS will hold admissions events in cities around the world beginning in late summer of 2007 and continuing throughout the fall.
  • Consider and communicate the following: What will you contribute to the class? How will you make a meaningful impact in society in the long-term?

Regular readers of this blog should find the advice familiar. I guess HBS agrees with me.

telethon_logo.gifIf you are a 2008 MBA applicant and have questions about the admissions process or about your chances and strategy, please join me and four other experienced Accepted consultants who are happy to answer your question at Accepted’s 2008 MBA Admissions Telethon on Thursday April 26 at 10:00 AM PT/1:00 PM ET/5:00 PM GMT. The telethon will last two hours, and anyone who gets through will have fifteen minutes to ask their most critical admissions questions. But you need to register for this event to receive the call-in number, which is different from Accepted’s regular number.

Student Loan Mess Cleared Up in WSJ Article

The Wall St. Journal in "Weathering the Storm in Student Loans" outlines student options and recommends strategies for obtaining the best rates on financial aid in the aftermath of the student loan scandal.

The key passage:

"It makes the most sense to shop around for a federally guaranteed loan because new lenders, knowing the government stands behind the loans, may be more willing to cut prices to quickly build market share. What’s more, nonprofit groups and some state-run programs may offer better deals on these loans, and new online tools are emerging that can help borrowers compare loan offerings."

The article discusses options for undergraduate and graduate students.

MBA Admissions: B-School Bulletins

Just a couple of items of note, this week:

  • CNNMoney/Fortune reports what it thinks is a new trend towards teaching "soft skills" at top business schools. I believe it is a trend that has perhaps gained steam or occasionally changed emphasis over the last several decades, but is not really new. "The Trouble with MBA’s"  cites examples of top business schools, like Wharton, Chicago, MIT Sloan, Darden, Haas, and Tuck adding seminars, coaching, and courses to their curriculum all with the goal of improving communications and teamwork skills.  The article points out that this development comes in response to recruiter feedback. For you applicants, it implies that you too should be demonstrating those qualities — not just your quant mojo or geek-ability — in your essays and interviews.
  • BusinessWeek has an article on hover parents landing in business schools with their offspring. "Invasion of the Helicopter Parents" reflects more than minimal ambivalence towards parents doing anything more than visiting or helping with moving. Show it to your parents if they are a little too attached.
  • Reminder: The MBA Admissions Telethon is next Thursday, April 26. It’s an opportunity for you to test out Accepted’s advising at no cost to you and obtain free advice from MBA admissions experts on your most urgent MBA admissions questions.
  • Reminder: The Beautiful B-School Photo Contest ends on April 30. Please send in your pictures of your favorite business schools to be eligible to win up to $200 in Amazon gift certificates. Although the number of entries has increased over the last several weeks, your odds of winning a cash prize are still good and your chances to win an honorable mention are excellent. Watch the b-school zones pages for the new entries.