Hiring News for College Grads

The College Journal today published " Where Starting Pay Is Richest for New Grads." It shows the most lucrative fields for college grads and reveals a great hiring market for those who just graduated and those who will be graduating soon.

I just sent my 19-year-old son the article. He is trying to figure out what to major in and a professional direction. These stats are valuable information, but as I wrote him, the article is "interesting, but not decisive."  Weigh the information here and try to experience fields you may want to enter, but don’t choose a high-paying profession that you don’t enjoy solely based on these or similar numbers. Balance financial realities (and the possibility that they will change by the time you graduate) with your human need to do something satisfying.

MBA Admissions Chats: Consortium, USC Marshall

Lots of chat news this week. First of all Accepted.com is hosting:

  • USC Marshall on Tuesday Oct. 24 at 10:00 AM PT/1:00 PM ET/6:00 PM UK in the Accepted.com chat room .  Adcom members and current students will be available to answer your questions.
  • Consortium with Jackie Olden, the Consortium’s Director of Recruiting. If you wan to know how the Consortium can help you, please join us on Wednesday Oct. 25 at 6:00 PM Pacific Time (7:00 PM Mountain Time; 8:00 PM Central Time; 9:00 PM ET in the Accepted.com chat room .

We have also posted several great chat transcripts over the last couple of weeks:

All these  transcripts contain information you need to know if you are applying to these programs. In the Haas transcript Jett Pihakis succinctly defines what Haas means by Leading Through Innovation. In the Chicago transcript, Rose Martinelli reveals that Chicago is " trying to attract students earlier in their careers (0-3)" thus joining the early-career bandwagon. And in the LBS transcript a London Business School student (and former applicant who attended Accepted.com chats) discusses the LBS exchange program at NYU Stern.

Med School Enrollment and Applications Increase

Although the announcement focused on increased medical school enrollment, the increase in applicants outstripped the increase in enrollment. AAMC released the following summary announcement over the weekend:

The number of U. S. medical students rose significantly for the second year
in a row, according to new AAMC data released last week. Enrollees in the
2006-07 entering class totaled almost 17,400, a 2.2 percent increase over
last year. The number of medical school applicants also increased, for the
fourth consecutive year. More than 39,000 individuals applied to attend
medical school this fall, a 4.6 percent increase from the previous year.  

Analysis of the 2006 applicant data also shows continued gains in medical
student diversity. Applications from Mexican Americans and Puerto Ricans rose
by more than eight and six percent, respectively. The number of accepted
black applicants increased by almost nine percent, and the number of black
enrollees rose by eight percent, to more than 1,100.


Additional Information:

Dividing the Economic Pie: Grads Get More

In "It Takes a Doctorate to Beat Inflation" The Wall St. Journal explores recent shifts in the way educational levels increase income levels — and fail to do so.  The key passage in the article:

"Although the best-paid college grads are doing well, wages of college grads have fallen on average, after adjusting for inflation, in the past five years. The only group that enjoyed rising wages between 2000 (just before the onset of the last recession) and 2005 (the most-recent data available) were the small slice with graduate degrees."