Good Hiring News From Haas

Haas’ final stats for the Class of  ’05 reveal a fantastic hiring experience for last year’s graduates and portend good news for this year’s graduates. The stats aren’t surprising given earlier Haas announcements. A few highlights from the article that appears in the latest HaasNewswire:

  • "Ninety-five percent of this year’s full-time Berkeley MBA graduates have accepted jobs at median salaries of almost $95,000 a year, representing both the highest percentage of graduates placed in jobs just three months after graduation and the highest median salary reported to date for a Haas School graduating class."
  • McKinsey & Company, Yahoo!, Lehman Brothers, Johnson & Johnson, and Genentech were the top 5 employers at Haas.
  • The median salary this year jumped to nearly $95,000, up from $88,234 last year. Bonuses were up as well.
  • 115 different organizations and companies hired Haas graduates in the class of 2005.
  • Financial services and technology each drew 24% of the class; consulting drew 18%. These three represented the most popular industries at Haas.
  • During the 2004-05 academic year, the Haas School saw a 35% increase above the previous year in on-campus recruiting. It anticipated continued increases, although I suspect not quite as dramatic.
  • "For the Berkeley MBA class of 2006, 98% of those who sought summer internships reported having an internship last summer. The top five companies for internships were Yahoo!, SAP, McKinsey & Company, Apple, and… The median monthly salary for summer internships approached $6,000."

Pretty impressive stats.

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